Coffee: The Love Language

Because it’s more than just a morning pick me up.

In Washington state, we sure do pride ourselves on coffee (S/O Starbucks). Coffee is great for helping me to pull all nighters or get through an 8 hour shift, but what I love most about coffee is that it helps me deepen my relationships with people.


Yes, oddly enough that 12oz hazelnut latte with soy helps me get a little closer to people. Ask my mom, a good part of my spending goes to coffee dates. But why is that?

Look at it this way. When you are sitting down with someone and taking a moment out of your busy lives, you’re saying so much more than, “let’s get coffee”. When we get coffee with people, it’s to catch up with them usually or to get to know them better if you just met. We are there to strengthen our relationships with the people we are in community with.

I think it would be safe to say that quality time as a love language can be a big one for most. As humans, we want to know that someone wants to spend time with us, we weren’t created to be by ourselves. For me, knowing someone wants to sit down, talk to me and really get to know me (and vice versa), is such a good feeling. We want to be wanted, we long for community, and slowing down for a well made cup of joe can be the antidote for a rainy day.

Buying coffee for someone who is busy and on the go to show that, “Hey I know you’re tired and busy and you really need this coffee right now, I’m outside with a cup with your name on it!” Can just make someone’s day. Who doesn’t love free coffee and a friend that is looking out for them?

Coming home for summer break and catching up with old friends from high school is something else. It’s been two years since graduation, I haven’t seen a lot of these people since then! It’s been awesome seeing how these people are growing and how God is working in their lives. Even getting coffee with people I see on a regular basis is something else. I always am working with them but having that one on one time can’t compare.

So yeah, I could see coffee as a love language. Give it. Receive it. Repeat.

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