It’s Okay

Because it is and if it isn’t, it will be eventually…

I’ve been learning a lot about myself the past couple weeks. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m living by myself or how I’m still here in Washington and not in Arizona. Sometimes I think it’s a lot of how I took an enneagram test and identified with so much of a “2 wing 3”. But stepping back looking at what I’ve learned, it’s the concept of knowing that things are going pretty okay.

I learned I don’t know how to be sad because I hate it. I learned that I tend to take on people’s problems as my own. I learned that I don’t know how to process things but rather feel them and I also learned that I need community more than anything. And that’s okay.

But the biggest take away from all of this is knowing that everything that has happened to me, is happening and will happen… it’s all going to be okay. I can’t control what happens or how I feel a lot of the time, I’m only human. I know that everything in life is temporary but we can only run so much. I get that we have to face our demons. I understand that not everyone is going to like me because “you can be the sweetest peach in the world, but there’s always going to be someone who just doesn’t like peaches”. And it’s okay.

It’s okay the fact that I’m almost 21, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, I’m single and am studying Journalism (which tends to raise eyebrows).

I’m okay with whatever life throws at me at this point. There are moments where I am so not okay with what is going on but I know it’s just to add to my story.

And at the end of the day my identity is not of this world anyway. And that is so okay.

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