Love Through the Dirt and Rubble

I find it interesting how things break you, or what little thing sets you off the way it does. Or how so many things have a domino effect.

The tiniest vibration can cause a stable foundation to come crashing down and turn what that was into rubble and dirt.

We are the humbled

We then see and appreciate what was there or end up seeing something we didn't know had to be destroyed.

When the weight of this world is too much and the space in your lungs is shrinking, only then we cry for help, when we know the only one who can hear us is in us.

In scripture, it says, “It is finished.”
It’s a powerful line.

A lot of times we read it, but don’t always trust it.

Why is that?

Is it because we miss what once was throught that dirt and rubble?
“Why would God help to build something up just to tear it down?”

There’s a million reasons why. But what all those reasons have in common is that it’s to bring us back to The Garden.
To undo the fall.

Because we are His beloved.
And sometimes love is tough.
But it is a choice.

A beautiful choice.

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