Playlist of Your Life

Because what a person listens to can say a lot about them.

Music in itself is its own language. It gives the ability to let us feel things, whatever that may be. It gives the ability for us to figure out how we feel and make those almost feelings into full blown ones. It allows us to go for a long drive full of joy and singing along or a long drive full of unexplainable emotion. Music give us the ability to have someone else explain what we can’t through a poetry narrative that is a song.

With this gateway to allowing us to feel, it gives the opportunity to change how we look at things. A song can change your attitude for the day or be the anthem of your life. They were right about how we listen to songs. We tend to hear them but not actually listen to them until we slow down enough and realize what this collection of words and melodies is trying to say.

Usually when I meet someone, I’ll ask to follow them on Spotify. Weird, I know. But the thing is that the playlists that people make can say a lot about what’s going on in them. Or at least that’s what I’ve learned from this under the table social experiment. There I find compatibility or lack there of. I also find if they like country. I mean I’ll assume you have a good heart but come on…country? Really? But I’ll say I appreciate it because that’s where indie and folk originated from.

There’s some sort of hypnotic addiction from music we get. It helps us to sleep, helps us wake up, helps us to just even get through the day sometimes. There’s a lot of power with music. Creating it, analyzing it and its affects, sharing it, etc.

Whatever you listen to I hope it’s helping you get closer to who you’re supposed to be. It’s a powerful thing. So do all the fun things, roll down the windows and crank it up to max.

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