The God of Inconvenient Relationships

I mean we both knew what we were getting into but come on, did we really?

You’re a journalist and I volunteer for Young Life… of course we were going to be busy people. Then to put the cherry on top of things, there’s a great likelihood of me leaving the state in less than a year. Why did God decide to put us in each other’s lives? No clue. But I can still say I’m grateful for you and I enjoy your company when I get the chance.

I find it funny that God puts people in your life to learn from, whatever it may be, good or bad. This is how we grow as people and figure out where things need some shifting around a bit. The best and worst thing about this is the fact that the timing of everything can be so random. Sometimes we feel like, “Oh yeah, this is just what I needed”, and other times it’s like, “Really God? Right now?” I guess this goes with a lot of things in this life but primarily in relationships of any kind since they could be short or life long.

Going into this particular relationship, in my head I was all, “Okay this is going to be awesome, we’re both going to just go big or go home. We’ll adventure every other week, make dinner then go to church, etc. And we’ll both be giving 110% because who knows how long it’ll last, might as well make it count, right?” Then life smacks you in the face with reality. You only see the guy about 3.75 hours a week (depending), they take an hour or so to reply to texts because of either work or school, they have to bail on plans because they got called into a shoot, or there’s something else work related so they can’t be with you. See that’s what’s frustrating. It’s all things they can’t control so you feel as if though you can’t get upset at them for that but you can’t help what you feel. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have Young Life stuff all the time but it’s never been as conflicting since that stuff is usually scattered and planned throughout the week. When you’re dating a journalist, their schedule is all over the place and you’d be lucky to see them before their next class to give them some coffee since they barely got sleep the night before.

BUT the thing is even though this guy is crazy stupid busy and I feel like the Lord almighty is testing the heck out of my patience, I’m still so proud of the guy. I’m still happy to be with him even though it’s hard and inconvenient. Why you ask? It’s because this guy is so passionate about what he does. Who wants to tell someone, “Hey your passion is an inconvenience to me, you mind just kinda tossing it to the side a bit?” Oh heck no! I love watching this guy’s face light up when he learned something new or if something crazy happened during his shoot or just him showing me pictures that he’s proud of taking. This is the guy who was a good friend before this whole relationship thing started. The guy who I can and still talk to about everything from, “I wonder what’s God’s plan for us” to “I think I have an armpit zit…Oh yes, confirmed”.

I get a good balance of the silly and the serious, the highs and the lows, but out of the blue relationships are always going to be like spontaneous road trips, a bit inconvenient but you know you’re going to enjoy the ride.

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