The Underground Coffee Shop

The good ol’ Underground Coffee shop. One of the hottest spots on campus. A place to grab a quick cup of Joe, as well as have a few deep talks here and there. Not to mention the familiar vibe of the show “Friends”, with the big comfy couches, stage, and bar stools. The Underground Coffee Shop is the ideal place for many occasions for the everyday college student. If your school doesn’t have a space like this, you are truly missing out.

Walking into the Underground Coffee Shop, you instantly get hit by the smell of vanilla and lavender, such a soothing smell and a relaxer for a stressed out college student. The aura of the room is just like one big hug. This place is cozy enough to sit and stay awhile catching up with people, as well as a quiet enough space to sit and do homework for a while.

The view from the Underground Coffee Shop is also quite impressive. You are facing the water while getting a little bit of the city to the right of it. On top of the great view of the bay, you are always seeing animals right outside the window. It’s like you’re in a Disney movie or something; there’s always birds, squirrels and sometimes even deer walking around! Perfect for those who are needing a little inspiration for creation in the Pacific Northwest. If you school is in the city, having a space like this is still great to have. Instead of having a view of nature, there can be a view of the city scape! Both are equally breathtaking and gives one a better sense of their environment.

If the view isn’t enough, there is usually music in the background. The Underground Coffee Shop is known for their Open Mic nights. Live music, stand up comedy, poetry, etc. this is the place for your inner artist to come out. The atmosphere at night kind of makes a switch from the normal. You have a bunch of crazy creative and talented people express themselves, sometimes in a way you’ve never seen before. A lot of people need a space for room for self expression. By having a room like The Underground Coffee Shop, there will be a place where poets, singers, comedians, and whoever else wants to say what they want can do so. The atmosphere in there is full of people who actually want to go and hear your voice, so give the people what they want.

The Underground Coffee shop has a lot of great qualities to it. But of course, there is always a little room for improvement with any establishment. The space is a good size during the day when there are people constantly coming and going, but once night time hits, it can be a little bit of a squeeze. A great deal of people usually come out to Open Mic nights. It’s great seeing friends supporting each other and students just trying to get a taste of what creativity is out there. That being said, when a lot of people go to these events, the shop can get pretty crowded. Having the space be a little larger would be pretty beneficial because then you could bring in more people and/or have more space.

The Underground Coffee Shop usually has great service. The staff is always helpful with its customers and quick to make coffee, but sometimes when it comes to cleaning, the Underground can be kind of lacking. I’ve gone there when tables were dirty, the ceramic dish bin was completely full, and there were crumbs all over the floor. I understand when it’s busy in there and no one can get to it at the time, but when the shop only has a handful of people in it, I think it’s safe to say that things could get spruced up a bit. But as I said, for the most part, the place is usually clean and the service is exceptional. Still, it can be kind of a let down to sit at a less than clean table.

The Underground Coffee Shop is the place where bonding, laughter, studying, and art in a variety of forms congregate. There is no other place on the any school’s campus with a similar environment. This coffee shop is more than just a hole in the wall. A place like The Underground Coffee Shop gives us that opportunity to express ourselves artistically and learn about others over a well made London Fog. Make sure you bring this one up at the next campus rep meeting!

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