We are Beloved

“be loved, Beloved” -Romans 9:25

We are human. We have wants and desires placed in our hearts and minds and it’s hard to discern what comes from where.

We have the longing to be loved. At times we look in the wrong places and only find a temporary high that comes with a big crash.

We look for solace in things other than truth because sometimes the truth can hurt our ego and pride gets in the way of growth.

We live in a broken world. There are no guarantees here. When we say, “yes” to following God, we then help to be a light of this world.

We are here to love. We are immersed in His love so that we may love others the same. Loving people is not always an easy task but we were not called to live an easy life.

We are meant to be loved. Sometimes we feel unlovable because of our past, present, or maybe even future. That’s never true. We are made new. We are made in His image. We are made to be His bride. We are made to be loved.

We are loved by an incredible God. Grace upon grace. Unconditional love. We are forgiven. We are worthy. We are awesome.

We are His beloved.