Wishy Washy Undergrad

Because my parents tell me I’m like the weather: constantly changing my mind.

When I got to college I thought I had it figured out like every other incoming freshman. I always heard about how people change their mind so many times on what to major in or if school is even for them. But of course, I didn’t want to fall in that and was determined to go into Kinesiology or Community Health, because as a “sick kid” you want to help other sick kids.

As freshman year went on and the prerequisite classes for my more “sciencey” classes got harder, and in that: more boring, I decided that this probably wasn’t the route for me. SURPRISE. I saw it coming but I didn’t want to admit it to myself. But, I did realize during my Spring quarter that I really enjoyed collaborative work and expressing my creative track.

Freshman year of college is rough…College in general can sometimes feeling like you’re walking on a tightrope with a backpack full of books and student loans. The first year out of the house and the comfort that comes with that is a lot to transition into and cope with. Coping for me looked like trying different things in terms of art. Whether it was writing, photography, painting, music, or trying to play around with creating a website or podcasts, that was where I would get what I was trying to express out in a healthy way. Of course this is just me.

By Spring quarter of my freshman year I took a public speaking class. Just the sound of it gives a nice eyebrow raise. Side note: I hated public speaking just like the majority of the world; if you know me, I’m a pretty outgoing person but once you put me in front of people…Nope. 
Funny enough I loved that class and it helped me decide to go down the route of a Communications major. Honestly never considered that major because of the rep of it being “the lazy major”, but I was fascinated on how things get communicated and collaborating with people so it seemed perfect.

Fast forward to this year. I took COMM 240: Media Studies, and thought, “Holy crap this is the best thing ever!” I had such an interest in media through photography, writing, and a bunch of other things I did, so learning about the symbols in everything was just mind blowing. Also during Fall quarter, I decided I wanted to transfer to a school that was four states away for a new experience. It seemed perfect since it had the major I wanted and some of my closest friends.

But of course the wind blew and I changed my mind. Decide to stay, then go, then stay, then go, and finally realized I wanted to stay in Washington.

Also, the deeper I was getting into the Communication major (which I was planning on applying for next fall), the more I was just getting drained. Analyzing, researching, writing research papers, having class discussion on hard (and sometimes belief challenging) articles was tough. I know that things that challenge you is always a good thing, it helps one learn; but the thing is a person can only take so much. And the fact that I am burnt out from three COMM classes in one quarter wasn’t sounding too good because I would have to do that for the next two years. And then it hit me. 

I want to be able to tell other people’s stories, tell my own story, help tell God’s story. Why am I not going into something that combines my creative side with my joy of collaborating with other people? So yes, I did end up changing what I wanted to do, AGAIN. But I feel pretty solid about this one, Journalism. I always thought that this wasn’t a practical major from all the negative connotations of “journalists never get jobs”, “if you do get a job it might not be stable”, “being a good writer isn’t enough”, etc. Of course like any other worried college student, I weighed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that it’s very possible for me to have a successful career in this field. I can do it.

It’s funny, the school I decided not to go to didn’t have a Journalism major. Maybe it’s a sign from God or just a silly coincidence, but either way I have peace with my decision and that’s all that matters right?

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