#GetObsessed30Day Challenge — Day1

What does excite you right now? *crickets sound effect*

When I first read this question this morning, the #GetObsessed30DayChallenge got almost canceled. I woke up a bit later than planned, but decided to forgive myself for that and move on with my day. However, when I took my notepad to start writing down, my mind was half asleep, so when I read the question outloud, I don’t remember exactly, but my mind went something like this „Are you serious? Neeeext. Let’s see what is the next question all about. You can skip this one for today.”

For less than a second I peeped to see the next question and there it was: What is so exciting right now that you would do anything to accomplish it? Say whaaaat? Neee…. but before I finish my thougt another one rushed in and from that moment my mind was on the game until I answered all the questions.

That was the moment that I realised I just experienced a fight between two almost simultaneous thoughts: be average versus be obsessed. And guess what? This time the second thought won and I felt really good about myself. It was about time. *chuckles*

I actually gave fast and easy to all 41 questions, that kind of took me by surprise. Though I am not going to share them all , because some of them are still too personal for me, I thought you might find some of them useful, so I decided to share with you 3 highlights of my day1:

“Q7. What have I been interested in, since childhood?

A: Staying curious, growing myself each day & learning new things.

Q8. What have I always been good at?

A: Doing my homework really good and having multiple solutions to people’s problems.

Q21. What do I do that’s a complete waste of my time and talent?

Asking for other’s permission and explaining myself to others.

Q23. What are some skills I need to develop?

Being unfuckwithable (when you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you) & definitely how to sell myself better. ”

So far, this journey I embarked on is already mind blowing and totally worth it. I cannot wait to see what I discover next.

If you decide to jump on this adventure, this is the place to start: http://bit.ly/2mfBtH5. In here you will find all 41 questions that can transform your life 180 degrees. ;)

Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a private message also. Oh, and please use #GetObsessed30DaysChallenge if you decide to make yourself accountable to the public as well. I like reading stories, especially if they’re real experiences.

See you tomorrow! :)