Everything started in the social lunch organized by Hugo on the 4th of February 2017, where Amalia had the opportunity to share the waste problem she found out in Ilha Grande.

Here some picture of the delicious lunch with the chef Monerest
Here a picture of the visual project presented

In the afternoon of that day Carol and Amalia decided to join forces and melt their two projects together. A week later, they both meet Hugo, and convinced him to join their project and start this adventure together.

We decided that the three of us where going to ilha grande in the first week of March, so we only had two weeks to raise funds to pay the costs of transportation and food while we were there.

As Carnaval was coming, we saw an opportunity to raise funds by selling gelinhos (a frozen liquid with a beautiful taste of caipirinhas). It was the best idea in the world: Carnaval time with lots of people in the street having fun and of course the hot weather of Sao Paulo.

We had the best product to sell with natural fruits, alcohol and a cheap price. So, of course.. we started producing them and having lots of fun and building even stronger relationships :)

The surprise was when we arrived to the Carnaval and well, we had imagined something else. We just thought that people will come to us but we did not really have a good marketing sign to say GELINHOS HERE!

This picture is the second attempt, building some kind of sign LOL

Here the learnings!:

The biggest learning was that we did not sense at all if people will actually want and pay for the product. We just fall in love with the idea.

The second big learning is that you really need to do something that you are good at. We were definitely not confident about selling. The personality of the three of us is quite the opposite as selling stuff to people. We are more like introverts and do not like to bother people in the street! hahaha

The third learning is that being an entrepreneur is hard. We focused so much on raising funds that we forgot about the project! Also, doing innovation and starting a project means that we will encounter obstacles in the path and challenges. It was ‘’aha moment’’ realizing how we reacted when we faced those problems. Persistence and trust is needed for some of us :)

The fourth learning is that is extremely important to do something that is aligned with you and with the project. Selling caipirinhas was fun but we were actually not proud about selling alcohol. We realized that we did not spend much time on thinking!!

The fifth learning is more time to think before acting. We were such in a rush that we did not question and build something that made more sense for us. We need more patience for next time and share our financing strategy with people to check if we are not getting too in love :)

The last learning and the most important one for me, is that we all know that we would have never dare to do something like this before Amani! We showed confidence and also we showed the important role of doing something with a team and not alone. I am very thankful to have shared this crazy experience with you!!!!!!!

Self-discovery as the way to innovate.

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