I’m not going to enjoy that tomorrow..

Or in 10/ 20 years, when I make it big


When I make it in my startup, I am going to take a nice 6-month vacation and roam around the world.

No, I am going to a beach 200 km from here, and enjoy a weekend with my friends, running on the beach, drinking beer, chatting the night away around the campfire.

When I make those 10 awesome inventions and get patents, I am going to hang my hat and write a novel.

No, I am going to start writing that short story I have been mulling over, and publish it online. This month.

When I finally have enough money to buy a house, a car, and afford college education for our would-be kid, I am going to join the classiest gym in town and go there daily for an hour.

No, I am going to go jogging for 30 min every other day, on that nice sloping in my neighborhood. And hit the local gym a few times a month. This month.

When I finally make it, I am going to put my feet up (literally), and have long chats over coffee with my wife every morning.

No, we are going to make time in the morning — even if it is 10 minutes — to sit down with a cup, and talk to each other. About anything that comes to our minds. Today. This week. This month.

When I make it big and have my face plastered on some tech/biz magazines, I am going to go back to my school/university and give a commencement speech — they’re going to invite me.

No, I am going to go back to my highschool this month, and help judge a science project competition for the kids in 9th grade. I am going to say Yes to participating in the mentorship program at my university.

When my startup becomes a real company and we earn millions of $ in profit, we are going to support local talent and students from underprivileged backgrounds.

No, we are going to hire two interns from the community college I pass by every day. And we are going to visit that highschool and conduct free programming lessons for their students.

When I am finally rich and famous, my life is going to be awesome.

No. I am going to make my day awesome. Today.

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