#StopWebH8 and How To Write Your Congressman

Apr 15, 2015 · 2 min read

The newest Twitter hashtag is #StopWebH8, a tag designed in part by an infamous figure in the controversy surrounding GamerGate. The tag has since been used to highlight an important issue frequently ignored by media — the harassment of those who support GamerGate. Today the originators of the hashtag had a congressional briefing, in which they gave their side of the story. They never invited anyone on the other side, of course. So we have to make our side known through the avenues given to us.

Consider this a handy guide for United States voters on how to contact your Congressman on this issue.

Use this link to find your Senators and Representative.

To contact your Senator: Determine who your state Senators are, and locate their emails or addresses (if you choose to write a handwritten letter). You can also call them and leave a message with their staff in most cases.

To contact your Representative: Use the link above to determine who your representative is based on your zip code. You can call, email, or write to them in the same way.

Visiting your Representative: Most representatives have offices in their home town. If you feel it necessary, you can also ask to meet with their staff to discuss the issue personally. This is often more effective than an individual letter.

What should I write about?
Explain what #StopWebH8 is and that you feel certain groups who are targets of harassment are being discluded from the discussion. Whether you wish to explain #GamerGate or #NotYourShield in depth is up to you. Include personal examples you have witnessed or if you have been a target of harassment yourself. Urge your Senator or Representative to make sure any legislative push does not disclude these groups or is used as a weapon against these groups. While not required, it is usually recommended you only write to Congressmen who you have the ability to vote for (meaning you are of voting age and live in their district or state) but if you are too young to vote, emphasize that you are a future voter, and that any potential legislative push also effects you.

What should I not write about?
This should go without saying, but do not use this as a time to attack other people. You should be writing about your own personal experiences, not “exposing” the other side. Congressmen can find that on their own time.

Is there anything else to be done?
Keep promoting the counter-narrative on Twitter and social media with the #StopWebH8 hashtag. They can only ignore it for so long, and most of Congress will be neutral on the issue, so should they or their staff look into the hashtag, they will see it.

We all know what this is. An attempt to silence us through any means necessary. Make sure you don’t let them brush by without a fight.


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Gamer. Activist. Artist. Eternal Disney fanatic. (@kindraness)

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