I can tell you the secret to fix your life(not that I know about it), it surly will be a procedure that you have to follow, but the problem is…you won’t do it.
Yes, most of us already know the answers but the ‘caveguy’(your caveman brain) will be sure to ignore it. It is not the caveguy’s fault, he is too innocent to understand what is happening.

The Caveguy

We have evolved from a caveman to a couch potato, previously we used to live in caves all day and hunt for food, now we sit all-day in our chair finding content to consume on internet. Yes it is a modern generation problem, but it is deeply rooted to the caveman mentality. Infact, most of our problems (personal problems) are because of caveguy being manipulated and controlling our life.

Problems like Addiction, Obesity, polarization, depression and most of other problems we face are due to this caveguy. We have evolved so fast in last century that our body didn’t got the time to change itself and it is creating more problems in modern world. Today, we will talk about 2 problems which I was (and am) suffering from and it is ruining my life.


I was a kid who had a good personality and never had any problem in climbing the social ladder in school(a thing to talk about someday). The only insecurity I had was that I was fat, and it always pulled me back from many occasions. Like going on a school picnic, I was always afraid that I will be fatshamed in a group and bullied. Many other opportunities were lost because of it. So instead of taking the SJW & crybaby route, I decided 1 day, that enough is enough. 1st September 2020 was the day I decided and declared that I will reform myself completely. And, believe me, I have declared many things with this enthusiasm, but I didn’t had proper knowledge about how to approach it. It was easy once I understood the demons.

“If there was 1/100 chance of me loosing fat, I took too all 100 of them”

Now this is not a topic of discussion here. we will talk about this some other day. But what I achieved was, I lost 13Kgs in 1 year. I still have a long way to go. Things only get tough but you become tougher.

So yeah, back to the point, Obesity is increasing because of many reasons but the most important reason is the caveguy. See, when we were cavemen, we didn’t had enough food to eat, and didn’t had enough time to eat before some other predator came and snatched our food from us. So, by the process of evolution, We developed a taste for ‘High Calorie’ food that we can eat, get more energy in less time, that’s the answer of your question — “Why Fattening things are so delicious” Because It kept the Humans who ate high calorie food alive and those who didn’t, died. So, that’s why you, by default don’t like low-Calorie food. And binge on deep Fried, highly calorie food.

Combine that with today’s lifestyle of not doing any physical work, you have a double trouble of consuming more calories & working less. Which is causing Most deaths in today’s world.


Dopamine is the main culprit here. Dopamine is released when your brain is expecting a reward. It is like a message to you from your brain that “You did good, do that again”.
For caveguy it was necessary, because in search of food or partner, you saw things, which guided you in the right direction, and it made you follow that path. Like, Imagine caveguy is digging and found out a potato, eating that potato will give him dopamine, and he will dig again to get the reward to get food. Today, getting dopamine has become so easy that it has very dangerous consequences. If dopamine release is often, you get addicted it. And Big companies use this circuit to get you addicted and giving them your Time & money. You binge all day watching a TV show, because it gives you dopamine, you play Videogames because it gives you dopamine.
It has become so bad that, these shows and Video games are designed in a way that you get more addicted to them, they reward you in such a way that you spend all your money and time trapped inside their world. Which makes them millions & Billions of Dollars. So the dopamine circuit which was made for keeping you doing tough work towards your goal, is now used to keep you addicted mentally. This is a mental Warfare.

I just realized that I am addicted, and if I leave one I get addicted to the other.
I knew this things for a very long time but the ”realization” Part is different from knowing. That is why I started with the line, that Even if I tell you, you are addicted, and it is ruining your life, you will probably not do anything about it, because the caveguy is in control.

Solution — I will, make a list of things that I like to do and wanted to do for so long, but didn’t do cause I wasted my time doing nothing. And will divert my time doing that
The reason I am Jack of all trade and master of none is because I left all the skills where it started becoming Hard.



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