How effectively you recognize the good performance of your employees?

Want to know why employee recognition is important? First of all, because you want the company productivity to sustain and this long way is tough to cover alone for far.

Employers need to recognize their employees to make them realize that their efforts are valued. Recognition helps employees to work in a more dedicated manner for your organization. Many employers think it is just limited to saying ‘Good Job Everyone’, but they have to realize they are playing a long lost game.

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Employee Recognition

Every manager should analyze the efforts they put for employee recognition. They need to understand the need for personalized recognition. To work more effectively employees expect some specific and real-time appreciation. Recognition helps to gain more engaged employees, which are a great wealth of any organization.

“69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.” (source: socialcast)

Employee recognition doesn’t always need to be measured by the number of gifts, vouchers or vacations you give to your employees. A simple thank you or you have done a great job will do too. But, all you need to know is to share those words in real time i.e. recognizing them the moment things happen if you take enough time the impact will be gone. If employees get real-time feedbacks they remember the specific things for which they were appreciated and try to continue such work.

Many times employers avoid praising their employees, but they need to realize that recognizing the efforts of a person for the good work they have done is nothing to think about twice. Whenever your employee does a fine job, you should recognize them in a personalized manner. This will let them know about the specific things they have done well and will help them to maintain that thing in the future.

According to a study by Cicero group “50% of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups.”

Recognition helps in building a good workplace environment because it not only helps employees stay motivated towards their work, but also provides retention aid to the employers. The continuous feedback system encourages employees to put regular efforts for the betterment in their work quality.

Every employer should be accountable for the recognition of their employees. is one such knowledge management platform which assists HR and managers in maximizing the recognition of their employees by creating employee engagement and provides a bridge to establish the two-way communication among employers and their employees.

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