{Book Review} Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal

Published in 2014, Hooked is one of the finest books I’ve ever read in the field of Design. Right from the beginning, Nir Eyal’s way of explaining the crucial points like what really drives a product from being an experiment to being a huge commercial success just my making it more humanesque grabs your attention and instantly gets you hooked to it.


Eyal, in order to corroborate his points uses some of the latest and finest examples which makes everything crystal clear. My favorite example was of the uber popular dating app Tinder

Tinder Logo

Eyal has also used some other clever examples like IKEA, Facebook, Twitter, World of Warcraft and even the Slots machines found in the casinos that make them so addictive.

The book primarily focuses on topics that contribute towards successful products like:

  1. What are Habits?
  2. What are Triggers?
  3. What are Actions?
  4. What are Variable Rewards?
  5. What is the resultant Investment?
  6. Case Studies and Examples to support above mentioned topics

Hooked is a must read for every designer who aspires to build stuff that would touch lives, and influences decisions in a positive way. I personally loved this book and I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to build something or just understand the nature of addictive products.

I hope to dissect Tinder on the lines of The Hook Canvas given by Nir Eyal and have fun doing it!

Till then,