The Life Cycle Of Handling And Order Processing In A Warehouse Or Fulfilment Center

Behind the scenes:

Have you ever wondered what happens in the parcel delivery service universe after you’ve placed an order? Probably not, because you’ve spent all your energy in scrolling, taking and making tough decisions. While you’re involved in your first world problems, international shipping companies and international courier companies engage in a meticulous process to deliver your order successfully.

International shipping demands efficiency across the assembly line. Before we get into what happens at the fulfilment warehouse, let’s understand a few terminologies.

Order fulfilment: It includes all the steps taken by international shipping companies such as receiving, processing and delivering parcels to the respective end user.

Order picking: The comprehensive process of picking products at the fulfilment warehouse according to orders.
The life cycle:

Once you’ve placed an order, you set an international shipping system into motion. The journey of your preferred product from the fulfilment warehouse to your door step can be listed out as follows:

Step 1: Receiving inventory

The primary step for any worldwide parcel services firm is to receive their stock from the manufacturers and then organizing them into shelves in their fulfilment warehouse.

  • Step 2: Order processing

When a customer places an order, an international shipping company’s fulfilment software sends an order confirmation to the customer and an alert to the fulfilment warehouse.

  • Step 3: Order picking

Order picking, as explained earlier, is when fulfilment warehouse has to pick the products off their shelves according to the customers’ orders. International shipping companies must find the most suitable and efficient way to carry this out.

  • Step 4: Order packing

Once the products have been picked, the fulfilment warehouse workers conduct several quality control checks and then pack them.

Step 5: Shipping and returns services:

International courier companies must ship the parcels successfully and update their records once completed. A strong policy on the returns of products needs to be maintained.