Will Brexit have any impact on goods sent to Europe?


If you’ve been up to date with the current affairs, the people of UK decided to leave the European Union not so long ago. With this decision comes a series of changes and impacts on the industrial sector, among other things. The international shipping companies have been part of heated debates off late following the Brexit. Will it affect international logistics firms like DTDC UK? Let’s look at some of the possible ways in which it could impact international courier companies in UK in their international shipping of parcel to Europe from UK.

• Revenues will take a hit due to decrease in trade volumes:
EU made up little less than 50% of UK’s exports. This could mean reduced volumes of orders for international shipping in UK and reduced demand as well. Hence, a major hit on the revenue received from the goods.

• Inflationary climate and increase in cost of business:
International courier companies in UK could possibly face rise in operating costs to carry out the worldwide parcel services. This comes as a result of low demand and low revenue.

• Restricted border movement:
This could take a hit on fluid movement of worldwide parcel services between international logistics firms in UK and the European Union.

• Possible legal implications:
International courier companies in UK may see changes in their legal frameworks and this will affect the employment sector of the international shipping business.

• Transportation facilities impacted:
Because of the Brexit, immigration laws could affect the employment statuses of drivers and labourers in international courier companies in UK hence disrupting international delivery from UK.

However, these are only possible effects of Brexit on international courier companies in UK. They will have a way to tackle these difficulties and ensure that there is a smooth international delivery from UK not only to Europe but worldwide parcel services to other parts of the world as well.