The Other Side

Recently, I was out travelling to a place called Goverdhan in UP, India, where people circumambulate around a sacred mountain, that according to Hindu texts, Lord Krishna had once lifted on his little finger, to save the villages around it from extreme rain. Now, this place has a lot of monkeys roaming around. And what they tend to want to snatch is your spectacles so that they can be fed in return for returning your goods! Wanting to be on the safe side I wore contact lenses to save me from the frequent taking off and hiding my specs, to save them.

The thing is, I wore them in a hurry, at the last moment. As people who wear lenses know, there are 2 sides to a lens. And the right way to wear them is to make sure they are concave, to fit properly in the eyes. Since these were disposable ones I assumed I was putting them in right. Also, I wore them while looking into my eyes through the selfie mode of my phone camera! Not a very good idea! After wearing them I assumed they would adjust properly in a minute, as I’m not used to wearing them everyday. And I started off into the wooded forest area where the groups of monkeys were.

In under a minute I realised something was wrong. My left eye had clear vision but the right one’s vision kept getting blurred and clear repeatedly. I assumed that it would finally adjust since my eyes weren’t used to it. But to my dismay, the repetitive blurring kept on.

With no way to stop on the dusty terrain with monkeys around, I found myself wishing for things to get clear and wondering what had happened for this to occur. Midway through the almost 2 hour walk it struck me as to what the reason could be. But there was no way I was going to stop and even touch my eyes with all the dust around and, being disposable lenses, no lens solution around either.

And so I trudged through this blurring vision for the rest of the walk in the jungle area, till we emerged to the paved road and stopped at a tea stall. Against my good judgement I used some water to wet my hands and took the lens out of my right eye to look at it. Lo and behold, I was wearing it inside out!! I have worn lenses for a part of my life, years ago, and this is the most basic and simple mistake one can make. In a hurry, I didn’t even think to check if it could have flipped inside the sealed pack it was in. As soon as it was flipped over correctly and put into the eye, everything got super clear!

Sometimes in life, in business/work and in our relationships, all we see is how bad people around us are, and how they treat us. We see them as being selfish and egotistic and uncaring. We assume the whole world in crooked and corrupt and we have a ‘blurred’ vision of everything.

What if our vision had accidentally or due to some circumstance/experience gotten flipped? What if we realised our situation was like this because we were looking at things from the wrong side? What if our ‘lens’ had been accidentally been put in wrong. And when it was put in the right way, things got clear and bright and focused. And we saw the world for what it truly was… a beautiful place where our vision really made our reality and what we decided to see.



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