What if Opposites do not attract?

What if Opposites do not attract?

What if it is just another cliche to distract?

What if he loves ‘he’?

and What if she loves ‘she’?

Why am I considered as a taboo?

Why am I treated like this out of blue?

Why can’t I love the person whom I like?

But why do I make you uncomfortable, to me it never strike?

Will my family ever comprehend my emotions?

Will I ever be conducted equally as other citizens?

Will I be accredited by the society so biblical ?

or Will I be treated as a criminal?

When this spook of hide and seek will end?

When will I get my freedom in this so called free nation I don’t Understand ?

When will I not be perpend as a shame in my family?

When and who will answer to these questions boldly?

But you know what

You can keep your rumination to yourself,

I am just busy in being myself,

I don’t vex what you say,

I benevolently love being this way.

Break the Sterotypes