Because eye tracking provides value for clinical staff, patients, and hospital administrations

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The benefits of minimally invasive robotic surgery are well documented. Compared with open surgery, this type of procedure lowers stress on the immune system and the risk of complications. Patients benefit from speedier recoveries and shorter hospital stays. Surgeons who perform procedures at ergonomically designed consoles experience increased wellbeing. And hospital administrations benefit through a rise in patient capacity and working environments that promote employee satisfaction. On the flip side, the surgical systems used in minimally invasive procedures often require specialized training and can initially appear to be expensive.

The widespread benefits of robotic surgery are, however, beginning to outweigh…

Introducing our most accurate eye tracking integration platform yet

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In the various discussions I’ve had with healthcare customers and partners over the past few years, the same two questions keep popping up 1) can I get higher accuracy eye tracking, and 2) can I embed eye tracking in a compact portable solution? I believe these questions arise from opportunities created by the democratization of technology, which in healthcare means a rising demand for assessment products that support mobility, ease-of-use, self-monitoring, and remote care.

I am happy to say that our newest eye tracking solution — the Tobii IS5XT Integration Platform…

Amanda Bentley

Director of Sales and Business Development — Tobii Tech

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