The Future Called: We’re Disgusting And Barbaric
Matt Chessen

  1. I love your dividers. I don’t know if it’s you or your channel, but kudos.
  2. “Bans on the organ trade” wouldn’t we be able to artificially create organs? So then ‘using other people’s organs like we’re freaking Dr. Frankenstein’ be considered a disgusting and barbaric practice?
  3. Punitive prisons and executions” “That’s like… your opinion man.” (and also mine). You have a great theme going on of how tech can transform moral debates. The idea of using drones in place of prisons is interesting, and pretty cool/scary/probably very cost effective, but I doubt we’re just going to “get” that “state-sponsored executions are horrific and do not deter murder.”
  4. My contribution: Autonomous vehicles. Traffic and transportation as a whole will be transformed, mobility will be granted to almost everyone, especially if you’re disabled/elderly/live in rural areas, drunk driving won’t be a thing, parking no longer needs to be close to destinations, car pooling/sharing can be more convenient. Oh yeah, not to mention 1.3 million people who die every year from car accidents.
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