KinkRebel Offers A New Home To Adult Content Creators

Amanda Ocasio
Jan 1 · 3 min read

Last year, adult content creators on Patreon experienced what Engadget called a “pornapocalypse.” Suddenly, thousands of adult content creators were left without a place to sell their materials after their Patreon accounts were suspended.

Fast forward to this year, and Tumblr, a blogging platform, followed suit — promising to “…flag and remove ‘adult content’.

And as GQ notes, “The Tumblr Porn Ban Punishes Sex Workers For No Reason.”

In Canada, selling sex is legal, but it is illegal to purchase it, run escort agencies, and run massage parlors.

When she was talking to me for another article I did, and I asked her for a term to describe what she does, Emele Devine picked “courtesan.”

According to Devine, courtesans are “strong, powerful and intelligent…a living work of art.”

Devine says that the Tumblr ban, and the shuttering of Backpage, — a website that hosted classified ads, didn’t really change much for those in the adult entertainment industry in Canada.

“Nothing changed much for Canadian workers, to be fair,” Devine writes in a Twitter exchange, “Other than no longer using Eros or Backpages, our stuff stayed pretty well the same. There has been a big influx of new and fake ads on LeoList as a result, and that has impacted business, and made the market more complicated and has increased fake bookings, no shows, last min[ute] cancellations and general flakiness.”

But those who felt the effect of the bans have been left searching for other places to call their [online] home.

Outlets like Pillowfort have expressed an interest in filling the void left by Tumblr and Patreon, promising users “…better tools for communication and control over how their content is accessed and shared.” In the future, Pillowfort intends to also offer users the option of importing their Tumblr blog.

Unfortunately, the site isn’t accepting any new registrations right now. There is currently a waiting list Pillowfort’s beta.

Enter KinkRebel.

The site, which is run by a small group of four full-time and four part-time contractors, won’t just be a place for adult content creators to build a new home when it goes live.

Rather, as the site’s tagline says, KinkRebel hopes to be a place “Where Adult Content Creators Build Community.”

“KinkRebel is an adult entertainment marketplace that enables content creators to offer fans tiered subscriptions,” explains Justin, a member of the KinkRebel project [who did not provide a last name], “Our mission is to become the premiere social network and payment platform for all types of adult content.”









KinkRebel plans to host it all.

Well…to a point.

This doesn’t mean that the site won’t have any restrictions on content. The folks at Kink Rebel understand that were will be regulations imposed by Visa and Mastercard, as well as local, state, and federal laws that must be adhered to. A formal content policy will be released a few days before KinkRebel’s Beta launch to hopefully answer any questions.

KinkRebel is prepared to tackle any challenges or questions that might arise though. They’ve made the conscious decision to limit their user base, at least initially, so they can better address these issues.

The plans to offer “premium accounts,” which Justin says will provide users with more “…flexibility with tier pricing and fee structures.”

Additional premium features include additional storage for content, content analytics, sponsored posts, and a creator merchandise store.

‘We’re still collecting feedback on these features and we’d love to hear your thoughts,” says Justin.

KinkRebel is open to user feedback, but also has a solid understanding of the needs of the adult entertainment industry on their own.

“Our team has decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry,” explains Justin, “From the inception of phone sex to cams, we pioneered technologies and championed free speech.”

As examples, Justin points to the fact that members of the KinkRebel team were involved in the invention of modern e-commerce credit card processing. He also notes that the team was responsible for the credit card association’s addition of the telephone number to the city field, and the appropriate descriptors identifying online services for adult and mainstream.

KinkRebel hopes to launch their Beta in the US and Canada in Q1 of 2019, as the US and Canada are where most of their prospective content creators and consumers reside. Their site does mention that they eventually hope to roll out internationally, but according to Justin, they do not currently have a timeline for their international launch.

KinkRebel plans to have reps at XBIZ and AVN next month, and plans to one day host their own events.

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