Day 3 …is all about creating a vision for your future !

Nice one! Few months back, when my journey of seeking fulfillment through work and life began I had never thought of visualising myself in the future… My life was happening and I was happy, but suddenly I felt I needed a change, I simply felt I needed to be fulfilled though everything I choose to do in life… “Visualise yourself” & “set goals for the future” expressions came through multiple roots! “Cause, how else are you going to achieve your goals and put yourself in the right place if you don’t set goals?”. Simples?!

Now, to respond to the question: I have a few ideas of what I want my life to include but …some basic compartments (such as work) are still missing! But let’s give it a go…

I wake up and I’m full of excitement to do all those things that fire me up! First thing is a big hug and a huuuge kiss to my loved one… and straight after comes my morning exercise, be it a pilates session, a run, some casual stretching exercises, anything really! I am already dreaming breakfast whilst reading some news or continuing my book… It’s always ideal to have that peaceful moment for yourself in the morning! Kids are looked after somewhere in between exercise and breakfast… Then I’m ready to start working through the day.

Work…. The cloudy compartment of my mind at this very moment in my life. I visualise my work to have a certain degree of variety. I even have two jobs or businesses of my own! I spend some days doing work from home and some others I’m out & about meeting people and clients, whereas others I’m just at the co-working space I’m renting with my partners of our small start-up! :-) My partners are friends who i love being with and make me feel special. Working certainly involves writing/blogging, i.e. sharing my work and experiences with my audience/clients. It also involves making things (be it with my hands/with a camera/with my mind) that are captivating my mind and fill it with this joy I feel every time I learn something new! And of course I do this because there are people out there who love & value what I create!

And the day goes so fast that evening is already here…. and I need to pick up my kids and meet up my loved one, we are all close to the beach in a sunny place and we simply go for a walk, spend an evening at a museum, learn an activity together, watch a movie… We share moments… The evenings of my life are also devoted to true friends with whom I share cosy cups of coffee and fun activities! Cooking, watching a movie, blogging and some quiet time are also there on the list!

And through the day I feel so much energised as I’ve done things that fill me up that I want to do it tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!

Days 3 is gone! :-)

Take care and visualise yourself, only you can! Oh, and don’t let others do it for you, just allow their participation in that visualisation journey!



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

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