Day 4: Let’s talk superpowers.

Superpowers. Feels lie a heavy word. Difficult, but as with all the challenges I’ll give it a go.

I never felt like having a superpower. Buy hey, wait a minute! The beauty is that I may do. I just don’t know it. I just need to be wise to bring it out under the right circumstances. For now I’ll focus on what I’m good at.

I’d like to believe that one of my “superpowers” is having the nicest and kindest people around me. :-) And I associate this with the word “superpower” as I believe that simply being able to sustain good and honest relationships with people over time is something you must be good at. Do you agree? One of those nice and kind people just told me: “your superpower is that you are focused!”. I accepted it. I am a very focused person indeed. And being focused helps a lot in achieving a goal right? So that is why I believe the dream of a freedom lifestyle will come true!

Being surrounded by nice and kind people provides me with the moral support to continue doing what I’m doing. Even when I can’t see any light in the tunnel. The people in my life give me feedback on my steps towards achieving the freedom lifestyle, they are there simply to talk to, a cushion to lean to, sometimes they coach me and sometimes they judge me, they light me with ideas and new ways of thinking. I take it all in!

Another close person of mine says I am excellent at thoroughly investigating “things”. And I share that too. One word for it is analytical. I need to know the why’s. Constantly and for everything! Being analytical helps me investigate options and open doors I had never imagined exist hoping to achieve a freedom lifestyle.

It’s bed time already and my eyes are closing. So I’ll say goodnight and renew our meeting for day 5 (already!).



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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