Introducing our new app hashphrase

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Finding a safe way to keep track of your passwords on the web is a critical task that many of us put on the back burner. When the average American user has 150 online accounts, it’s no wonder “75 to 93 percent of users” resort to reusing old passwords. The cognitive burden of memorization and organization, for most, is a non-starter.

Raise your hand if you use one password with slight variations for all your accounts. Guess what? You’re not alone.

According to Have I Been Pwned, a site that allows you to check if web accounts associated with your email address have been compromised, over 6 billion accounts have been breached for widely used, ubiquitous services like LinkedIn, Dropbox, Tumblr, and others. A 10.3GB list of Pwned Passwords is available to search against, leading most to an inevitable conclusion: your passwords have been breached. …


Amanda Reiter

UX Designer by Day/Food Photographer by Night

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