How To Fight Fascism
Mike Monteiro

I love this, and I would take it further. We need design students to give money and work for evil companies, but more importantly, we need your skills. All those orgs you mention, and the groundswell of groups that are just getting off the ground, need better branding, storytelling, snappy messaging, websites. They need clever marketing campaigns. They need people to wheatpaste posters and paint murals all over Trump country. They need your UX/UI skills to create better donation apps or political engagement apps with a gorgeous interface. They need your design thinking skills to understand what middle America wants and then come up with all the clever designs and ideas to win hearts and change minds. If you don’t have money, contribute your skills to a cause you care about, because it needs you. You need to go work for government as designers — I’m serious, go apply for the U.S. Digital Service or 18F. Go make government tech services work better for people. Go work for a startup that is changing lives for good instead of yet another food delivery app. There a zillion ways you can use your skills for good, and a zillion causes, too — from your neighbors who are looking for anti-hate signs to display on their lawns to the public school around the corner who want to show they are inclusive and safe to your local interfaith effort to combat Islamophobia and Antisemitism to stealing Philly’s ideas for increasing voter engagement through art or bringing communities together through mural painting. There are so many ways to fight fascism and we need the creativity and brilliance of artists and designers now more than ever! And while we’re at it, maybe someone can update and revive Valerie Casey’s Designers Accord for a Trump era. You can do it, design student!

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