Captured- a photo story

A picture can indeed be worth a thousand words, but in the world of communication strategies with social change groups, it depends how well the picture is actually used as a tool of avocation and awareness. This blog post will focus on HOPE FM’s Instagram in respect to their success in establishing community engagement, pursuit of social change in accordance to food accessibility, and their overall rhetorical usage.

Firstly, I believe that the social change group is successful in establishing a sense of community engagement and enjoyment purely based on their Instagram. The group captures and publishes photos of children, families, couples, creative activities at the FM, and connections with other non-profits in the Austin area. By publishing these photos of different members engaging and participating in the FM, HOPE successfully presents themselves as inclusive and friendly. The photos used portray a sense of progress that can be described through consistency and active means. I appreciate the way that HOPE first of all establishes a significance and need for the community to be involved in order for the group to create any change.

With this culture set via photographs, the social change group can push forth with advocating for healthy food accessibility. Based on the location of the market, 5th and Comal Street, this area doesn’t usually bring in healthy food or have main grocery options. Frequently, the online photographs capture healthy food in a way that communicates positivity surrounding healthy food. The photographs utilize colors in a way that catches the eye. By using so many bright colors, there is an implied sense of life and happiness connected in implicit ways.

In addition to these two things, the group does a good job of utilizing the caption space or signs to subtly spread awareness for food support or support of local art. I have yet to understand the connection between art and the Farmers Market, but the Instagram frequently advocates for both issues at the same time. The pictures insinuate in indirect ways that attendees to the Farmers Market live healthier and more beautiful lives. The group shows healthy food, healthy activities such as yoga or bike riding, and words like “live a great story.”

After analyzing the Instagram, I have become more excited to visit the market this Sunday and feel as though I understand the group and their efforts even more before even physically seeing the group or participating. Great communication techniques!

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