Update on Connections

On Tuesday, I was supposed to speak with Nicole Petti, the Market Director, at HOPE Farmers Market. Unfortunately she has a last minute scheduling conflict, but we are planning to speak this upcoming Tuesday.

I look forward to asking her the following questions or variations off of these main concepts:

1- What is the main medium HOPE utilizes for gaining attendance at the Sunday? What about for gaining vendors or performances?

2- What is the connection between art, community, and food that HOPE relies on? How is this communicated?

3- How does HOPE advocate for the “elevating regional foodways” in East Austin?

4- What does the following of people look like for HOPE? Is there a specific culture or consistent community?

5- What is the desired expansion of this FM? How do y’all plan on executing this expansion tangibly?

6- How can members of the community join in on the mission of HOPE?

7- Why art and music at a FM?

8- Are there any communication techniques you’ve used that have proven themselves unsuccessful?

9- How else is HOPE present in the Austin area besides the FM?

10- Can we expect to see tangible differences in the community based on social change expressed through HOPE?

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