Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’ll be going to a somewhat local wedding this weekend, so…

Tonight: Cook, laundry, normal stuff ($0)

Saturday: Get the kid packed up to go to her Grandmother’s house ($0 / my sanity), drive family to Grandmother’s house ($30 for gas — tank is empty), get groceries at TJs close to Grandmother’s house ($50 mostly in gummy penguins). After that we’re driving home and taking an Uber to the wedding ($30 my share) and a limo home ($40 my share). Probably $20 in tips while there? $170

Sunday: Pick up the kid! yay! Put together some meals for the week ($0 from groceries purchased on Sat.) probably pay some bills ($50) and order Chinese for dinner ($30). $80

Monday: Laundry and hang out. I’d like to buy a new kindle book ($10) and some ingredients for a special slow-cooker recipe (should be cheap, just a different kind of split peas than we usually eat — $5?)

$265 for the weekend? I hope the limo/uber price estimates are correct…This could get $$$ real fast.