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Looking much more on the heteronormative side I have the privilege that I am assumed to be straight by a majority of people. In many ways it has its advantages just as being a perceived White person gives me certain social privileges, but those privileges come at a cost of being able to properly express my sexuality the way I would like to. Not to be repetitive of the OP but I too dealt with people questioning the validity of my proclaimed sexuality and then I dealt with the anxiety of wondering if I dated one way or the other what it would be perceived as. What I think I get the most annoyed at is the “attention from men” assumption about bisexual women, which makes me go into a spiral of bitchy and say something like “my life is not your browser history of Brazzers and Redtube” but it’s been quite some time since I’ve had the opportunity to throw that at someone haha. Because I can’t remember a time that ANY of my woman-on-woman experiences had a 3rd person present, let alone another MAN, in the room (and if there were without my knowledge then I have bigger issues to deal with). I only discuss my sexual fluidity with online bi-friendly LGBTQ communities online and IRL and in the company of people I know won’t think that my mere mention of my bisexuality equates to automatically wanting sex from them (either eagerly or suspiciously, however you want to take that). But I’m happy we’re opening up some dialogue to spread knowledge and awareness.