And why I don’t plan to leave anytime soon.

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Work-life balance. It’s a phrase that’s tossed around to entice potential employees and give employers a leg-up on the competition. But work-life balance is subjective. What I really want from my employer is independence and freedom. Freedom to work when it’s best for me, in a place where I’m most productive. Lucky for me, I’ve found an employer who supports that type of work environment. Here’s why I appreciate the culture they’ve fostered.

The company I work for takes a unique approach to work-life balance. They understand that every employee has a different situation. No has the same family-life, obligations…

Greedy companies don’t make GMOs. Real people do.

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I spent ten years in college, earned four degrees and worked for ten years in research and development roles at two major agriculture companies. Developing new GMO corn hybrids is a bullet point on my resume. But this isn’t a story about what I did. This is a story about who I am. It’s an attempt to dispell the image you have of a GMO-scientist.

I worked for a company that everyone loves to hate. The negative perceptions people have about that company don’t align with my experience working there. There’s always talk of “evil” and “greed” and “poison.” …

A story about leaving the place I love.

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Six months ago, I moved from the midwest to south Florida. I wasn’t keen on leaving in the first place, but with an open mind, I loaded boxes and made the journey south. It’s been an exciting opportunity, but I’m counting the days until I can get back home…again.

I grew up in a small town in southern Iowa. It’s one of those places where everyone knows everyone’s business and people can be close-minded to outsiders. I couldn’t wait to leave when I graduated from college. And I did leave. I went one state north to Minnesota, where the temperatures…

Why I don’t document my kid’s life on social media

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I grew up in the 90s when people liked things in real life instead of with a virtual thumbs up. I’ve struggled to lean into social media. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t post the news online. I didn’t share ultrasound pictures and never announced my son’s arrival on Facebook. He didn’t enter the world with followers or friends. I’m trying my best to keep it that way.

Sometimes I question why social media is so popular. Is it because we have all become addicted to attention? Why do we post photos of our dinner, our dogs…

On exploring abandoned words after 25 years

Quiet kids can struggle to find their place in the world. I know because I was a painfully shy child who only found my voice when I was writing. Written words were my way to articulate feelings that were impossible to express verbally. I didn’t write for enjoyment; I wrote out of necessity. I wrote to get the thoughts out of my head.

After grade school, the writing wasn’t a priority anymore. It didn’t feel like I needed the crutch for survival as I did before. I went on to high school and college and eventually ended up with a…

I’ll take my coffee black in the beast mug, please. Photo by Dids from Pexels

Let’s start this story by making it very clear that I’m about as extreme Type B as they come. I’m laid-back chill, not much of a worrier and mostly take a “things-will-get-done-when-they-get-done” approach to life. My priorities are not laundry, dishes or making dinner. But my fiance’s are. Here’s how we navigate our yin-yang personality differences. Spoiler alert: it ain’t easy.

Type A people are wonderful. They’re responsible, they’re motivated and they’re reliable. They get shit done. I respect Type A’s because they’re everything I’m not. That’s why G was so intriguing to me in the beginning. When two people…

Confessions from someone who knows.

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I have a revelation to share. I’m coming out of the closet as a former mom-shamer. No, I wasn’t an offensive bully or a passive-aggressive advisor. I was a silent judger, which is equally as toxic.

Up until 19 months ago, I was a child-free 30-something with a stable career, a lovely pup and a handsome fiance. We had the quintessential dual income, no kids lifestyle. …

It’s time to call out food companies for perpetuating scientific illiteracy.

Author’s photo: Misleading marketing with a GMO-free label.

Yes, this is a bottle of water, and yes, that label says “GMO-free.” I bought this water unknowingly last summer, and I’m still barking about its wrongness a year later.

What’s up with this shady marketing?

Do you see the problem here? This label is perpetuating fear. It’s validating scientific illiteracy. But most of all, it’s misleading consumers. Water is hydrogen and oxygen. Plain and simple.

It doesn’t have a genetic code, and it doesn’t reproduce. Even the brightest scientists couldn’t genetically modify water if they wanted to, because it doesn’t have genes. So the label on this water is entirely useless.

I’ve seen this sort…

Five reasons why I’m happy to be older and wiser.

Photo: Gratisography on Pexels

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday. Yep, I’m one year closer to 40. And while I should be planning a mid-life crisis, I’m too busy celebrating another year of wisdom gained. Here’s why 39 feels so good.

I tend to be a people-pleaser by nature. I generally don’t like to rock the boat, cause a stir or share an unpopular opinion. I’m a rule-follower and a safe-player. These character traits let me live my life quietly on the fringe, and my agreeable attitude has made it easy to keep people happy. …

By looking at the world through your eyes.

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It’s 2019. Our brains have been evolving for centuries, yet my thoughts are evidence that the prehistoric brain that was crucial for survival in archaic times still affects my actions in modern society. The autonomic “fight or flight” quick-action response to stimuli that kept our ancestors alive is hard to overcome. But I’m trying to cast more thoughtful judgment on those automatic interpretations of my environment. Because I want to be a better human being.

I recently encountered several pro-life demonstrators outside a medical clinic. They sat near a busy intersection in…

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