How changes in Technology impact the way humans communicate and the ethical issues that surround these changes…( re written)

How changes in technology impact the way humans communicate and the ethical issues that surround these changes…

In the past few decades technology has played a huge role for communication within modern day society and has fundamentally altered our lives.

This is simply because it is convenient unlike the usual telegraph and written letters, instead of waiting days on end to communicate with others we can now do it with the click of a button. Like any social change there are positives and negatives.

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Just thinking back on the products you have used in the past 24hrs, from the modern day alarm clock to the app on your smart phone…the social media site you updated to share something interesting you saw online, and the device you used to call your friend on the other side of the world… whatever the case, Technology itself has a huge impact on everyone in the first world and has been taken to whole new level in our lives.

Apart from its uses of communication through mobiles and the internet it has a greater impact on the modern day teaching world with distance education, online tests, presentations and document sharing apps. Zane Berge states in computer- mediated communication and the online classroom in distance learning “When people began to accumulate knowledge through the technology of writing and reading, they found a way to preserve it through succeeding generations without relying on memory — greatly changing the way education was conducted.”( Mind, 1995)

Studies have shown that the over use of technology can lead to giving people social anxiety and other psychological issues. Whilst it’s easier to hold a conversation through online messengers it may build a social barrier for reality, leaving humans ‘awkward’ and lacking social skills. Another question in regards to the human impact of technology is wether it makes us unhappy as individuals? Technology and Social media as a form of communication gives out a bias view of the individuals lifestyle, while we all display what we want everyone to see and the fonder parts of our lives, very few show the harder days or the more in depth issues they face on the daily. “Think about how people are made to feel by the number of likes they receive or other social shares, and it becomes clear that technology does indeed make us unhappy”.( Shirley, 2014)

There is also a variety of ethical issues in regard to the way changes in technology impact us some of these include copyright, piracy, plagiarism, finanical fraud, cyber bullying, hacking and the social issues.

A recent example of an ethical issue was when Australia’s census survey was hacked which meant the “hackers” were able to gain access into the nationwide system and have access to the confidential information of the source and each participants personal information. It was a huge concern to everyone involved. “most DDoS attacks are produced by thousands of bots from IPs globally), it is believed to have come from “overseas.”” (Johnston, Simpson, & Liszewski, 2016)

The use of technology and the impact it has on humans will continue to develop in the future, as will the ethical issues. It is important to identify these social and ethical issues to help understand and create a safer and fulfilling lifestyle as humans.



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