You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

It’s true we aren’t equal to men. We are better. My response to this is thank you women for marching for me. I’m pro woman. But also know that we are not victims. We also have things that men don’t have. We have the wonderful blessing to have children. Men can’t. It is easier for a single woman to adopt then it is for a man. It is easier for two women to adopt then it is for two men. One woman over two men. The custody of children usually favors and goes to the woman even if she’s off her rocker sometimes. Religion in a two religion family at times favors whatever the woman is. Woman live much longer than men on average and have less heart attacks. I’m not in denial that woman are treated badly and that we shouldn’t fight but we have a lot to be thankful for also and I can be happy and proud and lucky to be a woman. Yeah many woman have to prove that they are raped and that’s not fair. Many men are accused of rape who never did anything. We get paid 25 cents less than a man and if you fight on an individual basis that works also. If they hire a man that’s less qualified than a woman, that’s a real big loss and their business will loose big time.

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