His is an article that was written about us by a local small online news site. We thought that it might be good for our customers to see what is being said about Houston Junk Car Buyer

Houston Junk Car Buyer has been in the business of recycling junk vehicles since 1988. They have been a stable figure in the junk car industry in the Houston area from day one. The owners of Houston Junk Car have always prided themselves on offering the best possible service as possible.

“From day one things have always been different for us, we have tried to think out of the box and not market our company in the traditional manners. Our primary goal is to keep the seller in mind and making sure we can pay the most for their vehicle.” This was a statement made to us by one of the owners, John.

We came across this company when we were looking for a company to purchase a wrecked vehicle from us; they went out of their way to make sure that we were happy and satisfied with their service. What surprised us was three days after they purchased our junk vehicle they called us to ask us to rate their service. A phone room or outside company didn’t call us; it was the owners that called us to make sure we were happy and to make sure we understood the process.

These are the things you expect out of a large company, not a small family owned local company. I started asking questions and found out a lot about the enterprise. They informed us that their best advertisement is by word of mouth, that it meant more to them to have a personal recommendation then to get calls from television or newspaper ads.

We asked the John if he minded if we sat down and interviewed him and his reply was “Sure come over for lunch” An appointment was made for the following Tuesday.

Showed up at their vehicle junk yard office. drove in, and the first thing I noticed was the smell of BBQ. Then, John walked out of the office. He walked out and greeted me then invited me in.

Upon entering the office, I immediately noticed a family atmosphere. There were four people in the room area all laughing and having fun. About five minutes later John’s wife walked in and greeted me with a Texas hug.

John went straight to business and said: “Let’s do this so we can have a healthy lunch.”

Below are the interview questions I asked:

Q. What made you get into the Salvage vehicle or junk car industry?

Q. You being so young at the time how did you manage to get the capital up to open your company?

Q. Do you ever see yourself changing careers?

Q. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Q. Where do you see Houston Junk Car in twenty (20) years from now?

After this, we ended our interview. I was walking around the office and looking at the pictures on the walls; I noticed there were a lot of pictures of the family in the community. One image that caught my attention was one of the family passing out cases of water. I asked what the photo was of, and John told me “It’s not anything; it’s a picture of us passing out water to the families after Katrina in Louisiana. But let’s not write that in your article. We do things like that because it makes us feel good, for being able to help others.” There were several other images there, and a lot of them were the family helping and working on a project in the community.

In closing, I will say this company is an example of a small business that gives back to the community. Houston Junk Car is an asset to all of us here in the Houston metropolitan area.

houston junk car buyer

Originally posted 2016–08–10 23:50:02.

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