White People: It Ain’t About Us… Until It Is.

Over the last few months and especially the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen both white men and white women strike out at the cultural reckoning that this country, the outdoor sporting world and particularly the bike industry has had coming for a very, very long time.

If you take a casual scroll through the comments on Castelli’s Instagram post about their BLM collaboration jersey with Reggie Miller, the comments are predictably awful. …

A few days ago, as I was answering phones and fulfilling orders in that I work at, I picked up a call from a fella who’d been on hold after talking to two of our managers.

You can probably guess how this ends. I’m going to tell you anyway.

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“This is Amanda”, I said. “Hey Amanda, you’re the third person I’ve talked to, and I’m just trying to get my hands on a demo bike for my friend who’s been stuck in his house”, fella replied. Then he went on to tell me how the two…

I’m going to start this off with a statement: I wish the US was Denmark. I wish we had unlimited bike paths and a culture shaped around human-powered transport. I wish Americans had the flexible mindset to get out of their cars and onto two wheels, and I wish that they’d vote accordingly. In my perfect world, everyone has at least one bike. In my Utopian society, we all ride some sort of two or three or even four-wheeled contraption that forces us to engage with our surroundings and each other in ways that make the human population better. …

‘National Women On Bikes Day’ (aka, my eyeballs can only roll so far back in my skull)

May 4th: a newly-created “Women On Bikes Day”, because apparently, we needed a special day to highlight and perpetuate the tokenization of women on bikes, the ‘othering’ of women riding bikes, and double down on the ‘special treatment’ bullshit that currently enforces the stereotype of women riding as something abnormal and out of the ordinary.

Oh goody.


This may sound totally insane, but we really don’t need a special day. I know. We also don’t need…

The Games People Play: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Brain to Trek’s New ‘WaveCel’ Helmet Just Yet

This week, Trek/Bontrager released a new helmet built on what they claim to be a miracle product — the WaveCel technology.

The current marketing claim is that that WaveCel technology reduces impact-driven rotational and liner forces that lead to concussions by up to 48%. Unfortunately for proponents of the new product, the three different angles of impact measurement and all of the purportedly high-tech testing that went into development, science still exists.

This is not to say that I’m an opponent of new…

I was on Twitter this morning.

As usual.

In a tweet about the gubernatorial race in GA and the influence of the ‘good ole boy’ culture, user freeyourmindkid compared the two candidates in a thread about the racism that requires people of color to be ten times as good for a tenth as much.

The twitter thread sparked thoughts about the corruptibility of network affiliations in everyday life, including that of sport, which is widely known as a ‘who you know’ industry. There’s a reason we have laws in government about playing favorites and granting contracts to business associates…

“What a quitter,” I thought. “What a goddamned shame it is to see someone like that just walk away”, I told myself. “Why work so hard and sacrifice so much just to throw in the towel?!”

I didn’t get it, then. I didn’t realize that one day I’d stand in those same shoes and finally understand that quitting, much like beauty, is in the eye of the ‘quitter’.

Rewind: I wasn’t type-A until I woke up at 25 and realized I was wasting my fucking life; I never had a plan. I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants…

Why I’m Leaving Professional Mountainbike Racing

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A few of you may have heard that I’m retiring from professional DH racing. Some of you may have even extrapolated that it’s due to my recent injury sustained at USACycling’s MTB national championships — a reasonable conclusion by any means.

But you’d be wrong. Fortunately.

I started racing downhill mountain bikes in 2012 and went pro in 2013. When I got my pro license, I remember telling my best friend that I had five years to accomplish my goals. “Why five?! You’re fast! Why limit yourself to five years?” and I responded that…

Trans Women Are Women.

… The end. DUH.

If only it were that simple, right? But apparently, as I recently discovered in a women’s MTB forum and again after the , it isn’t. There are still women and organizations in cycling who clearly think that trans women competing in elite fields is not only up for debate but that it’s something they have a right to ‘discuss’ and have an ‘opinion’ about.

Let me be clear, ladies: you don’t.

We don’t.

Our trans sisters’ existences, bodies, rights and ability to participate in sport is not fodder for conversation…

There Will Be No Equality For Women In Cycling Until The UCI Mandates It

Over the last few years as I’ve simultaneously pounded my head against the wall and burnt any bridge I could find for equality in cycling and the wider bike industry, one clear culprit has emerged: the governing bodies inside of cycling. More specifically, the UCI and national federations who flagrantly endorse and perpetuate wage discrimination within the sport.

When one looks at the disparities in men’s fields to the women’s fields, some of the differences seem clear — less female riders, of course, but if you…

Amanda Batty

Professional athlete, firestarter, curious mind and critical-thinker. Former pastry chef, current industry troublemaker and forever interested in good business.

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