How To Let Go of Hurts, Hangups, or Anything Else That’s Holding You Back

We all experience disappointments in life. We break up, get divorced, feel stuck, lose our jobs, and a host of other terrible things that happen to us during the natural course of life. Here’s how you can let go of those things and experience everything life has to offer:

  1. Give yourself permission to do whatever it takes (I’m serious, whatever it FUCKING TAKES) to facilitate your own personal healing. Seriously, you have permission. Cry. Scream. Break things. Move. Change jobs. Dump your significant other. Join a church. Seek counseling. Cut your hair. Dye your hair. Shave your damn head. Join a gym. Drink. Smoke. Get a dog. Buy new clothes. Anything and everything it takes to start the process of forgiving yourself, the universe, and the person/people who hurt you will contribute to the healing process
  2. When you’re done, acknowledge your hurt. You didn’t get the job, that guy was a dick, someone screwed you over, you’re in a rut physically, emotionally, or financially. Acknowledge what’s holding you back from being your very best. Introduce yourself to whatever is hurting you. Don’t bury it deep down and pretend it doesn’t exist.
  3. Then, Let. It. Fucking. Go. Once you’ve acknowledged your hurt, you can’t stay there. Believe me, I know it’s hard. I’ve stayed sad about a breakup and a lost job and an accident/failure for way too long. It happens. But that’s how I know that you can’t let yourself linger in that place. When you’re going through something, it’s important to remind yourself that you’re going through it and not setting up camp. You’ve got to let go of the things that are hurting you, hanging you up, or holding you back.
  4. Finally, move forward. Replace it with something else. If you didn’t get the job, keep applying! Or start your own business! If you’ve broken up or gotten divorced, order yourself a large pizza, cry for a minute (or several), and then get on back out there, or replace the relationship with friends or join a club or get a dog! If you’re in a rut, set a small goal that you can accomplish easily and then ride the momentum to the next small goal and the next and then before you know it you’ve done something big! Whatever it is that you’re hanging onto or letting hurt you, replace that thing with something positive. Change your mindset. Adding positivity and success in small or big ways can hugely impact your life, and help you move past anything and everything that might be keeping you from experiencing all of the greatness life has to offer.