Back to School, Back to Making Lunches. Or not…

Tuesday is the ultimate Monday. Whether school for your kids has started or not, the Tuesday after Labor Day is the official, 100%, no-way-to-deny-it end of summer. To be fair, there is a lot that I like about the fall. My birthday (anyone who thinks that only kids can be obsessed with their birthdays clearly has never met me), apple picking, long sweaters (are those still “in”?) and foliage are at the top of my list. At the bottom of my list? MAKING SCHOOL LUNCH FOR MY KIDS! Here just a few of the many (MANY!) reasons:

  • I have yet to invest in the right “equipment” so fitting all of the mini boxes that hold each part of their lunch into the actual lunch box is like an un-winable game of Tetris
  • Kids’ lunch stuff is the one thing I never remember to get at the supermarket, so nothing in the fridge seems “just right” for their lunch
  • In addition to worrying about whether my kids will even eat what I pack, I can’t help but wonder what the teachers think about the mom who throws together a completely unappetizing moshpit of food each day
  • I’m not organized enough make the lunch the night before, and somehow making lunches in the morning is just one more thing than my brain can handle
  • While I 100% respect and appreciate why we can’t pack PB&J every day, the selfish part of me can’t help but glance wistfully at the jar of Skippy each morning

About a year ago I co-founded a lunch company that delivers really delicious, fresh and healthy lunches to offices and schools across the Washington, DC area. Starting next week, I am thrilled to report, we will be delivering lunch to my daughter’s school. Coincidence? I’d be lying if I said yes. No. This is no coincidence at all. This was a completely selfishly-motivated partnership to prevent me from having to make Alice “don’t let my apples touch my pretzels” Metzroth lunch on Tuesday and Thursdays. Amen to that. #Plumrelish

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about easy ways to get your kids involved in making their school lunches, click here.