Uber’s path forward
Garrett Camp

HOW, and I mean HOW, after all that has happened, can a response such as the one above show so little recognition of the real problems of Uber? The above statement said literally nothing. It has zero substance. “Uber is great, and will be great and gee, we really should have listened to our founding team and drivers more?”

Not a word of apology to the legions of women and minorities hurt by your company? Not a word of advice for other startups about how to avoid the same pitfalls?

#Deleteuber is a “thing” because your company is tone deaf. It is the thing that allows you, even now, to continue to employ Kalanik, a man who has shown repeatedly poor leadership skills. Even now, when in the very meeting to discuss a new leaf, a board member makes a sexist remark. Even now, when you post this message to talk about a new future forward, you refuse to admit to the very problems that brought you here.

You’re a fucking trash fire and the women who have abandoned you will never be back until you show, as a company, as leaders that you have a clue as to the real problems.

This wasn’t it.

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