On The Refugee Crisis

Sitting in my quiet, heated office in the heart of downtown San Francisco, I can easily forget about all the s*%# going on in other parts of the world. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that my ignorance often leads me to feel shocked and disgusted when I discover things like the below HuffPo article.

I knew the Refugee Crisis was still present, but I didn’t know to what degree (fact: this is the worst refugee crisis since WWII, with over 65 million people forcibly displaced).

I knew the crisis predominantly took place in Syria, but I didn’t know about the multitude of other countries involved (fact: this crisis involves almost all of the Middle East and most of the surrounding major European countries).

I knew the crisis was causing a lot of turmoil and sparking new violence in many countries, but I didn’t know that this was quickly turning into a profitable affair (fact: countries are using this epidemic of human suffering to make illegal money).

This piece is beautifully done, highly engaging and truly eye-opening…