On Why Boarding A Plane Sucks

Flying during the holidays is just flat out annoying. I usually find myself in one of two situations: 1.) overshooting the time and sitting at my gate three hours in advance, trying to justify my $9 coffee or 2.) panicking in the back of an Uber as I obsessively check my phone, counting down the minutes, calculating if I can make it through security in time (I am a layperson without TSA Pre-Check after-all).

Considering that the most recent major U.S.-based airline (comparing United, American, and Delta) was established in 1929, I think it’s probably about time we introduce a more advanced, modern means of flying…

Introducing POPPI — The Airline Reimagined. This fictitious airline created by design studio Teague is actually genius. They took what everyone hates about flying and made it way better.

No bags allowed in the cabin is POPPI’s first proposition, which would help expedite boarding by 70%, eliminate delays, and reduce fuel costs due to the less weight (and diminish the number of morons who feel entitled to walk up the aisle in the wrong direction or jump a head of you from four rows back). Making the dreaded middle seat more desirable is also another option, by allowing brands to “sponsor the middle seat” and offer free gifts, promotions, even more leg space.

Now if only they would add the option of paying for priority “de-boarding” and make select “tall-sized” seats, I’ll book all my flights on POPPI. But seriously, I hope Southwest takes note and starts to add some of these changes. Small tweaks like the above could really bump some revenue.

In the meantime, here’s a video by Vox that shows how Airlines, although better now, still can’t get the whole boarding thing quiet right…