Change is Inevitable

This is the second time I’ve induced a huge change to my life, and as it did last time, it feels refreshing. I love the sense of newness- new apartment, new restaurants, new city, new people, new neighborhood, and a new culture. Change is also hard though- sometimes the newness doesn’t mesh very well, in my case, a new co-worker. But I’ve decided I’m not one to simply give up. I will persist until the job is over and things are smoothed out. God is my helper. He knows my every need, and He will provide. Newness brings a sense of life. I’m suddenly in the mood to meet new people, try new things, and visit new places. It also brings a sense of pressure- what will my doctors be like, where is the DMV? How will my mom do here. All things considered, I know that this change is a great thing.