Through the Garden Gate

Picture courtesy of Sean Dick

There was a land, a garden to the east
Formed by the Creator’s hand
From the dust He breathed new life
In the garden with God walked man

The whispered words of the serpent crafty
Abashed the inclination of God’s plan
Knowledge once unknown thrust upon him
Now the garden blocked by sin’s demand

Given a laborious ground of thistles
An unworked barren wasteland
No turning back to the garden blocked
By cherubim with fiery sword he was banned

Sin stained the ground crimson
Pride blackened heart with a stone it began
Will His spirit content with you forever?
120 years be numbered, the son of man

With what will our sins atone?
On altars with burnt sacrifices can sins remand?
Seeking to once again walk with the Father
Within the garden so grand

Man called upon the name of the Lord
A salvation his pleas command
A branch from the roots of Jesse
Offered redemption by His only Son planned

Selfless sacrifice broke the chain of separation
Restored correlation of God and man
Atonement for sins by blood relinquished
Freely given by the perfect lamb

There is a land, a garden to the east
Formed by the Creator’s hand
A forgotten memory but for a time
In the garden with God walked man

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