Quick guide to getting up and running with LaTeX

Hate Word? Love code? There is a better way.

1. Get yourself a free Overleaf account. This allows you to edit files online and collaborate with others. If you need a desktop version, see Getting LaTeX: Linux users probably have an installation already, Mac users will want MacTeX, and Windows users will want MiKTeX.

2. Go through the Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes tutorial from ShareLaTeX . The Free Online Introduction to LaTeX from Overleaf is a (LaTeX-generated) slideshow of similar intro material.

3. Grab a LaTeX cheat sheet for a handy list of commands. Refer to the user-friendly documentation on Overleaf when you need help.

4. Go play! In your Overleaf dashboard, select New Project and scroll down to select a template to start with. If you don’t have particular project you’re working on, you can try migrating your CV or resume into a TeX file— it will look nicer than it did in your word processor and you will be relieved to be able to add to it in the future without fiddling around with formatting.