So you want a letter of recommendation?

For a letter of recommendation, I prefer to have 2 weeks notice before the letter is due.

If you are a classroom student, you should have:

  • A/B (or be on track to make an A/B)
  • Good attendance, good attitude
  • >1 prior interaction with me

If I am able to accept your request, email me these things and include “recommendation” or “reference” in the subject line:

  • CV (graduate students) or resume (undergraduates).
    Attach as PDF.
  • What opportunity the letter is for and who it should be addressed to.
    Include a description of the opportunity, if available.
  • What they require within the letter.
    Include criteria for evaluation, if available.
  • When (date/time) the letter is due.*
  • How the letter will be submitted.
    Online or hard copy? Do I fill out a form or prepare a PDF?
  • Why you want this opportunity.
    Why is this job/scholarship/school/etc. a good fit for you?
  • Any other information you can provide about why your qualifications, characteristics, interests and skill set make you a good match for this opportunity.

If you want a great letter, see:

*Please remind me about your letter:

  • 1 week before it is due
  • 1 day before it is due
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