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On the surface, it might seem like influencer marketing is just about having an influencer make a post or two and you’re done.

But brands with this mentality will feel the sting afterward.

Just like pretty much any marketing endeavor (or any life endeavor in general, when you think about it), your odds of getting good results are slim if you don’t have clear intentions and goals to guide your efforts. In addition to having those goals, you’ll need to set up a reliable system to track them.

A lack of strong influencer campaign strategy is a key pitfall when…

If you use social media, I’d put money on the idea that you’ve seen influencer marketing in action at some point, in some form.

The main influencer marketing examples that come to mind involve the classic (and occasionally cheesy) Instagram photo of an influencer posing with the promoted product.

But don’t let that fool you — the playing field is diverse and impressively creative.

Which is part of what makes influencer marketing campaigns so fun. Brands and influencers can work together to come up with fresh ideas that keep their audiences engaged and excited to give those brands a try.

Amanda Gaid

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