Addie Prochow

Addie Prochow is a 5th year senior from the Milwaukee area. She attended Beloit College and then trasferred UWM and has now transferred to Marquette University. She decided to attend Marquette because she wasnt really into her first school and needed a change. She explained to me that her most memorable dream was a scary one because she thought that someone was in her house, but c’mon no one was really there. I asked her what her fondest memory was and she said it was going to her lake house. Addie loves to be outdoors and loves nature, yeah shes one of those artsy nature people, but I dig, I dig. In the flow of the conversation I asked how here parents were doing. She responded that they are doing well and that her mom teaches yoga and cycling and her dad is retired and bored. I was thinking about my dog and decided to ask her if she had a pet. She said that she has a black lab and my heart soared. I have a slight obsession with lab’s, I just think they are the cutest dogs, not cuter than my shitzu though. He’s the best. My last question for her was, What do you really like about this planet? (I know right, great question) She responded that as before she really likes the outdoors and loves to go off the grid. But she also likes to be in the city and just experience new things the world to has to offer.