The life behind Form

While at the Public Market, in Milwaukee, I came across a store called Form. The store speacializes in florals and fine goods, which you can definetly tell that it is some what urban.

I talked with the owner for a while and just elaborated on eachother questions and responses. I asked her what made her get into florals and natural organics, she explained that she grew up in that setting and lifestyle. Both of her parents owned a gardening company, which she worked in as a child. Also, she explained that she went to school for art and design at Alverno in Milwaukee.

As a millennial that is interested in organics and more natural lifestyle, I asked her what advice she would recommend for me. She replied that I do more research in biodynamic farming, which is actually very intersting. And that I also research how organics can be very helpful for curing certain medical situations.

I finally asked her what inspired her to create Form. She explained that since she had experience working at the Milwaukee Art Museum that she gained confidence in her work. She also saw how Milwaukee was growing with more young adults that were intrested in organics. She knew it was the right time and soon started working for herself and created Form.

Living in Milwaukee for the past year, I totally understand what she is explainig about how the city is growing with more young adults. Millenials are taking over and we are interetsed in everything, hense why I chose her shop rather than others. I really enojoyed talking to the owner of Form and will definitely be back to shop around in her little corner.

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