Stuff about me……..

What’s your name, major and hometown?

Amanda Green, Advertising, Skokie, Illinois

What would be the most useful thing for me to know about you as a student?

I am a visual learner and ask a lot of questions. Some of those questions maybe annoying or repetitive, but remember its for a good purpose. (me)

What do you wish was different about school?

I wish it had a period of the day when there was no classes or athletic practices so I could take a nap or eat a meal in peace.

Describe a moment in school last year when you felt really engaged. Why do you think that moment was such a positive one for you?

Finals of last semester, I needed to do well so my mom would be proud of me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What do you think teachers think about you, and what do you wish they’d think about you?

Teachers probably think that I am an athlete that thinks its okay to just get a C, but I am always pushing myself to go against the odds and try my best.

Tell me about a teacher who you feel knew you well. What kind of student were you in his or her class? What did he or she do to get to know you?

I knew my english teacher very well while in high school. She knew what my strengths and weaknesses were and always tried to help me. I was a student who didn’t really care what grade i got in the class as long as it was C. She was just very open with me and never gave up on me as a student. Almost like a mother at school.

If you could build a school, what would it look like?

First, it would be in California. Second, the cafeteria would be BOMB. Third, it would look like a typical private, stuck up, white neighborhood school. (Just google New Trier High School, and that will give you a pretty good idea).

What do you wish I would ask you so that I can be a good teacher for you?

Ummmmm, what is the most proud moment of yourself you can remember, and why?

What makes a weekend day great for you?

FoOd. TeLeViSiOn. DoG. WaLk At ThE BeAcH.

Anything else to add? Nooooooooooo

Finally, include a photo of yourself in your Medium post so I can start putting faces to names.

me trying to be pretty…
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