Clothes swapping parties….

What a wonderful idea, I’m sure you’ve heard about these parties as I had, but this was the first one I had attended. For those who don’t know, a group of friends get together, take a bunch of their unused clothes and swap it for clothes they will use. Any leftovers are given to a charity store. This ticks so many boxes for me, you get to clear some space in your cupboard, and hopefully you find something you fancy in return.

Part A of my plan was to take along some items from my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in a long time. I did quite well (for me), finding a hat, skirt, two dresses, a jacket, top and a pair of trousers that I could part with (I’m know there is a lot more I really don’t need). Part B was to bring nothing new home.

Our Swapsy party started with a morning tea and there was a mixed group of friends, some I knew well, some not as well. Getting a varity of sizing wasn’t a problem, ranging from around a size 8 to 18. There were hats, handbags, shoes, dresses, coats, shawls…. the list goes on.

Intially everyone was a little reserved about approaching the clothes, no-one seemed to want to take the plunge, have a rummage around and try things on. But after a cup of tea, piece of cake, a bit of a chat and with a little encouragement it started to liven up. It was lovely to see ladies bonding over clothes, giving each other opinions and advice on the items, and one of the things I found very exciting is they were willing to try styles and designs that they might not usually wear.

I did really well, and stuck to part B of my plan and resisted the urge to bring anything “new” home with me!

Part C is to host a party myself and clear out a lot of unwanted clothes. Bring it on.

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