Broke The Law

I am obsessed with
adolescence. With fake IDs,
chewing tobacco, the condom
coaxed into the dark
of my palms. My friends think
there is something idiotic
in the act of worshipping
imperfection, but my photos
are the only place where
I can be untouchable. Elsewhere,
the language imagines its own
unravelling. Adulthood is a
temporary menace. I know this,
but am still terrified whenever
someone reports a murder.
You do not need to lecture me
on the failures of innocence.
Every other week in high school
was a funeral. Someone shot up,
someone walked into traffic.
Even with all of this, I had the
balls to disappear into impossible
thinking. I could ravage bodies,
shoplift strange sex stores.
There is no cure for immoral thinking.
Maybe this is why no one
dies without a prison sentence.
The universe says there is
terror in disobedience, that
no one with a sane mind
would mug a stranger.
When we are young enough
to believe in the myth of forever,
it is excruciatingly easy to
run after what burns us alive.